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Can't seem to dig up what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll talk spuds!

When potatoes are grown conventionally, rather than organically, they have one of the highest amounts of pesticide residue of all foods grown in the US. Growing organically means no pesticide residue—and no pesticide residue means more room for love.
All of them! All of our spud snacks are USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO Project Verified AND gluten-free.
No peanuts, no problem. Our spuds are cut and cooked in a facility that is free of all peanuts and tree nuts.
Nope, we use sunflower and safflower oil to cook our spuds, leaving trans fats out of the equation.
Our spuds are available on-line at Amazon and in Whole Foods Markets in the Pacific Northwest and other select stores in the area.
Maltodextrin is a natural sugar thats helps us coat our chips evenly for big flavor in every little bite.
Baker’s Yeast Extract gives our chips their great tangy taste. It’s also a source of naturally occuring amino acids!
We do not have any coupon promotions to share currently. Be sure to check out our Facebook and might find something good!
You bet! All of our chips are entirely vegan and delicious!
Yes, all of our spuds are kosher.
Nope! Our potato chips are entirely soy-free, so allergies and intolerances don't get in the way of sharing the love.
Of course! We want everyone to be able to enjoy our chips, so we make them 100% dairy free.
Our chips stay delicious for about nine months, but we'd bet you'll love them too much for them to last that long!
The packaging for our spuds is not currently recyclable. We're in the process of adding recycled material to our bags and hope to make them entirely compostable without compromising quality and deliciousness!
We volunteered about 25% of our land to protect four threatened species, all of which have remained off the endangered species list!
Regenerative agriculture is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming that we are proud to practice. These sustainable practices keep our land, crops and the animals on our farm happy and healthy.
Our farm operates in a closed-loop system, meaning all the pieces of our farm—from the crops to the cows—help sustain each other in a perfect support system only nature could achieve.
To grow organic spuds like ours, we make sure our soil is free from prohibited substances and chemicals, keeping things naturally lovable.
By cooking our potatoes in small batches and over a longer period of time, we use less oil and produce a crunchier, better tasting chip.
These oils contain the good fats, the ones your body loves.
If we could fill every single bag of SpudLove organic potato chips from our farm in Oregon, we would! But Mother Nature just doesn’t allow this and so for that reason, we partner with two other farmers we’ve known for a very long time. These farms simply have better weather than we do during a few months of the year so by working with them, we ensure every bag of SpudLove stays perfectly delicious.