As fifth generation potato farmers, we’ve been doing this longer than most. We love what we do, too. And we know that every part of our farm at Threemile Canyon works together: from the farmers to the crops, the cover crops for the soil, our special land and weather in Oregon and everything in between. We grow potatoes with purpose, and SpudLove Thick-Cut Potato Chips are the mouthwatering proof. Read below to learn more about everything that goes into making our chips...only from the most loveable organic spuds around.

Closed-Loop Sustainability

By combining a dairy farm with an organic potato farm, we've made a closed loop system where each element of our farm helps the next: from natural fertilizer for our spuds to cover crops which help protect the soil and provide nutritious feed for our cows. That's what we like to call a circle of love.

Regenerative Agriculture

Good potatoes take time and care to grow, and skipping steps has never really been our style. That's why we adhere to longer crop rotations and careful cover crop selection: (we call it “green manure!”), to help reduce disease, protect the soil and increase fertility on all our organic fields keeping our soil healthy and happy for generations to come.

Conserving Our Resources

When our farm was established, we voluntarily gave up some of our water rights to protect the Columbia River. We continue to find ways to conserve our use of water. Like the use of manure from our dairy herd which serves both as a natural fertilizer and helps our organic potato fields retain water and reduce water use. Plus, we built an irrigation system designed to conserve water, so we use just what we need and nothing more.

Protecting Oregon Wildlife

About 10 years after we established our farm in Oregon, we thoughtfully set aside 25% of our land and in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, have successfully worked to protect four species at risk of endangerment and native to the region: the Washington Ground Squirrel, Ferruginous Hawk, Loggerhead Shrike and Sage Sparrow.

Fifth Generation Farming

SpudLove is farmer-owned and farmer-grown. Fifth generation farmers put their spud-lovin' hearts and souls into making our delicious chips from fresh start to savory finish.